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0,01-80mm 3062S-19 Dial Indicator 3062SB-19 Dial Indicator0,01-100mm 3109S-10 Dial. Sheet Metal Mic mm Sheet Metal Mic Sheet Metal Mic mm Sheet Metal Mic Sheet Metal Mic mm Sheet Metal Mic Sheet Metal Mic mm Sheet Metal Mic Sheet Metal Mic. Disk Micrometer IP Dig. 368-818 Holtest Internal Mic. Indicator 543-280B ID-C112J Signal Dig. Mm Hub Micrometer mm Hub Micrometer mm Hub Micrometer mm Hub Micrometer Hub Micrometer Hub Micrometer Hub Micrometer Hub Micrometer mm Wire Micrometer Wire Micrometer 148-103 Micrometer Head mm Micrometer Head 148-111 Micrometer Head.50 Micrometer Head 148-120 Micrometer Head 148-121 Micrometer Head 148-122 Inch Micrometer. Depth Gauge 547-218S pth Gauge 547-251 Digi Depth Gauge 547-252 Digi Depth Gauge 547-257S Digi Depth Gauge 547-258S Digi Depth Gauge 547-300 Digi.

Mm Ext Micrometer 103-155 Micrometer Ext 450-475/. X-Direktion 011329 Roting unit Prism.Wprkpieces 011331 Shifting Square 011333 Illumination Unit 150W 011335 Standard Set for Swan Neck Optical 011337 Precision Measuring Pin 011338 Cable, for DMX Cable, for DMX Cable, for DMX Cable, for DMX Cable, for DMX Data cabel DMX Cable, for. Type 515-310 Counter Height Master 515-311 Height Master Standard 515-322 Height Master Standard 515-374 Height Master 515-375 Height Master 515-376 Height Master HME-450DMB 515-377 Height Master HME-18DMB 515-378 Height Master HME-600DMB 515-379 Heightmaster HME-24DMB 515-512 Height Master 515-520 Universal Height Master 515-523 Universal Height Master. Used in an industrial environment so is well used but always kept up to quality standards and specifications. 1,39mm Gage Block Cer. 543-507 IDS Digimati Indicator 543-507B IDS Digimatic Indicator 543-541E IDF Digimatic Indicator IDF Digimatic Indicator 543-551D IDF125 dicator 543-552D Inch IDF dicator 543-552E IDF Digimatic Indicator 543-553D IDF Digimatic Indicator 543-553E ID-F Digi Indicator 543-554D Inch ID-F dicator 543-554E IDF Digimatic Indicator 543-557D ID-F150H dicator.

Universal Protact 187-551 Univ Bevel Protractor 187-552 Univ Bevel Protractor 187-901 vel Protractor 187-902 Bevel Protractor 187-904 Bevel Protractor 187-906 Univ Bevel Protractor 187-907 vel Protractor 187-908 vel Protractor 188-101 Pitch Gauge 4-42mm 188-102 Pitch Gauge 4-60mm 188-111 Pitch Gauge 4-42mm 188-121 Pitch Gauge.4-7mm. Mitutoyo Digital Caliper 18" with case 150.00 Buy It Now Tested and working. Mic IP /0-25mm Digi. 343-350 Digi Caliper Type Mic. 12AAA837 Dial Indicator Holder 12AAA879 Test Piece 12AAA882D RS232c Connecting Cable 12AAA896 Protection Sheet 12AAB136 10mm Cylindrical Probe 12AAB331 Standard Stylus 2uM (90 12AAB333 Extra Small Hole Stylus 12AAB334 Super Extra Small Hole 12AAB338 Ball Stylus 12AAB339 Gear Tooth Stylus 2um 12AAB345 Nosepiece Cylindrical 12AAB347. Groove Micrometer 146-234 Groove Micrometer 146-235 Groove Micrometer mm Can Seam Mic.5 Can Seam Mic. Extension Bar 100mm/4 952361 Extension Rod/ Extension Bar 150mm/6 952622 Extension Bar 150mm/6 952623 Extension Bar 150mm/6 952624 Height Gauge Holder/ Head D1 (Metric Head D2 (Metric Head D1 (English Head D2 (English Head E1 (Metric Head E2 (Metric Head E3 (Metric Head E1 (English. Electronic digital vernier caliper. 04AZB137 Measuring Head Assy. 17,5mm Ceramic Gauge Block Gage Block Cera 18,5mm Gage Block Cer.18,5mm Gage Blook Cer. Head FP Straight.5mm Micrometer Head 148-244 Micrometer Head 148-245 Micrometer Head 148-301 Micrometer Head 148-302 Micrometer Head.5mm Micrometer Head 148-304 Micrometer Head 148-305 Micrometer Head 148-306 Micrometer Head 148-307 Micrometer Head.5mm Micrometer Head mm Micrometer Head mm Micrometer Head 148-311 Micrometer Head 148-312 Micrometer Head.

mitutoyo digital urtavla bar mätare

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