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in 1549 by King Gustav Vasa, founder of the Vasa royal dynasty. The largest arena in Uppsala is Fyrishov and is Sweden's fourth most visited, specialized in swimming, sports events, meetings and recreation. The university has a famous anatomical theatre, constructed by the scientist and polymath Olof Rudbeck (16301702 in the old university building Gustavianum. After the relocation the construction. Fullerö Hills Nature Reserve, you can enjoy the picturesque surroundings, the plains of the Uppland region, and the Fyrisån (the Fyris River) that flows by the park.

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In the 50-year period the number of students at the university tripled, from 500 persons to 1500. The two main institutions in the history of Uppsala are the. Climate data for Uppsala, Sweden (19812010 normals Extremes 1722present Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Record high C (F).7 (51.3).9 (53.4).2 (68.4).8 (80.2).8 (91).5 (94.1).4 (99.3).3 (93.7).8 (82). It also houses a perfectly preserved 17th-century anatomical theatre (used in its time for public dissections). (In Swedish.) Hadenius, Stig; Nilsson, Torbjörn Åselius, Gunnar. For example, in January Uppsala has a daily mean.7 C (27.1 F). 1, located 71 km (44 mi) north of the capital. In prehistoric times most of the area was below sea level. It took decades to rebuild the city and after the fire it lost its position as a second capital of Sweden. During recent decades, a significant part of retail commercial activity has shifted to shopping malls and stores situated in the outskirts of the city.

Not far from the University stands the Uppsala University Library ( Carolina Rediviva the largest library in Sweden, with over 5 million volumes and some 60,000 manuscripts. This increase is on an annual basis around.9. The coldest year ever recorded was 1867, with an average temperature.5 C (36.5 F). 5 The city was severely damaged by a fire in 1702. Despite Uppsala's northerly location, the winter is not as cold as other cities at similar latitudes, mainly due to the Gulf Stream. Uppsalas lowest temperature was recorded in January 1875, when the temperature dropped.5 C (39.1 F).