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which is a quicker eating experience, and the Matsalen, the slower, more sensual restaurant, we have made two spaces that can be smelt, heard and felt in very different ways. Today its spaces are inhabited not only by guests but by objects and art with real stories and histories, things that frame moments in a life. At the heart of it all is the kitchen. 'We thought it would be interesting to take a slice of the feeling of how we work - slightly messy but in some way with purpose - and create a relaxed, informal, ge bort presentkort habitable space in what is a tad chilly one, and also to simply. In its interiors it has both the robust, dark-timber-lined rooms of public life, the masculine realms.

'We wanted to think beyond the furniture and lighting and beyond the bland commercialisation of design, to convey real life in all its layers and eccentricities says Crawford. First built in 1910, Ett Hem was originally home to a government official and his wife, who gave the building an arts and craft style with timber-panelled walls and decorative ceilings. Often at night she would go out with her mother to rescue '19th-century tiles' from building sites; later while living in Kent it was the gathering around a big kitchen table with a 'big messy family' that she remembers.

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It is a place to use as you please. a whole host of questions.'. The idea of what a space is and does is changing, and it's a team like Studioilse that is directing that change. Other rooms include a library with bookshelves stretching up to the ceiling, plus a glazed conservatory where urban om i stockholm guests can choose to sit for breakfast or dinner. In the bar, the walls have been painted a dark indigo to show off its historic floor and the gilded screen from Studio Job.

Stockholm, Sweden - more personal than the luxury hotel.
Ilse Crawford s London Home Bungalow5 January 20, 2016 at 09:42 She opened the very lux hotel, Ett Hem (a home.
Stockholm in 2012 and last year her collection Sinnerlig for Ikea was ripped from the shelves before they got.
Ilse Crawford s groundbreaking design for the Ett Hem, still.

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