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close ties with the business community ever since. Noted alumni edit See also: List of Stockholm School of Economics people Inga-Britt Ahlenius Yegor Altman Jonas Andersson (swimmer) Magdalena Andersson (economist) Alexander Bard Frank Belfrage Erik Berglöf Inga Björk-Klevby Lars Calmfors Jan Carlzon, former CEO of SAS Group Claes Dahlbäck, former president and CEO. 7 SSE Master of Science in Finance Accounting edit The MSc in Finance and Accounting is also a two-year program (120 ects). The most well known scholars of the Stockholm School of Economics are arguably the economists Eli Heckscher ( professor of economics and statistics 19091929, professor of economic history 19291945 and Bertil Ohlin (professors of economics). Embassy Latvia, First.S. International Students: Undergraduate Enrollment:588, international Students: Graduate Enrollment:854, international Students: Undergraduate Programs, bachelor of Science In Business and Economics, bachelor of Science In Economics and Business, Riga, bachelor of Science In Retail Management, master's Degree Programs.

Contacts are administered through the SSE Alumni Office. Nordström Ann-Christin Nykvist Mikael Odenberg, former minister of defence of Sweden Bertil Ohlin, professor of economics, developed the HeckscherOhlin model together with professor Eli Heckscher, founded the Stockholm school together with professor Gunnar Myrdal, leader of Folkpartiet (Liberal People's Party of Sweden) 19441967, Nobel laureate. 11 There are three separate PhD programs at SSE: Business Administration 12 Economics 13 Finance 14 Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) alumni are defined as previous students that have graduated from one of SSEs degree programs.

9 10 SSE PhD in Business Administration, Economics, Finance edit The SSE PhD Program was launched more than 60 years ago and has graduated more than 500 PhDs. Heckscher and Ohlin jointly developed the so-called Heckscher-Ohlin theory, the standard international mathematical model of international trade. Your use of this service is subject to our. There are offered three different specializations: Investment Management, Corporate Finance and Accounting Financial Management. Attending the alumni events arranged by linköping prag flyg SSE Alumni Office. Ivar Tengbom and built 19251926, is located at Sveavägen in central. Heckscher is also known as the founder of economic history as an independent academic discipline and his work Svenskt Arbete och Liv is a fundamental work within this subject. Academics edit Admission edit For Master programmes, applicants have to have a gmat score of over 600 and a toefl iBT score of over 100 in order to be considered suitable for applying.