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replenished her supply of drink, so that the ship had a shallower draft and would have been somewhat less stable than with full. There are two images of Kronan shown from the stern by two Danish artists. The two fleets sailed north and on 1 June passed the northern tip of Öland in a strong gale. For boarding actions Kronan was equipped with 130 muskets and 80 matchlock or flintlock pistols. It had potential for success as it was equipped with several large, well-armed ships: Svärdet the sword of 1,800 tonnes, Äpplet the orb and Nyckeln the key both 1,400 tonnes, and the enormous Kronan the crown. Though not militarily significant, the defeat tarnished the reputation of near-invincibility that Swedish arms had enjoyed since the Thirty Years' War. United Kingdom 86444, vodafone, Orange, 3, O2, brazil 40404, nextel, TIM. (in Swedish) Kronanprojektet (2008) Rapport över 2007 års marinarkeologiska undersökningar vid vrakplatsen efter regalskeppet Kronan.

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Solen later ran aground; Järnvågen, Neptunus and three smaller vessels were captured. The Swedish naval officer corps in the late 17th century lacked the prestige lars långtråkigt lyngby of army commanders, and seasoned officers and even admirals could be outranked by inexperienced civilians or army commanders with little or no naval background. 3839 a b Sjöblom (2003. Sweden had come close to control over trade in the Baltic, but the war revealed the need to prevent the formation of a powerful anti-Swedish alliance that included Denmark. Korte svar på de store spørgsmål. Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien, Konferenser. Another 46 ducats were found in 2000. Isbn (in Swedish) Pousette, Mary (2009) "Klädd ombord " in Schoerner, Katarina (editor) Skärgård och örlog: nedslag i Stockholms skärgårds tidiga historia. 44 The losses were even worse since Kronan was the flagship and was manned with the best sailors and gunners in the fleet. 40 Medical historian Katarina Villner, on the other hand, has proposed that the injuries were caused by the sudden and violent chaos of the sinking itself, which would have thrown men, heavy equipment and cannons around. Isbn Golabiewski Lannby, Monica, (1988) The Goldtreasure from the Royal Ship Kronan at the Kalmar County Museum. 4147 Einarsson, Lars Morzer-Bruyns,.F.J.

The guns lighter than 18-pounders were primarily intended to inflict damage on the enemy's crew and rigging rather than the hull. (in Swedish) Einarsson, Lars (2005) "Ännu en silverskatt påträffad i vraket av regalskeppet Kronan" in Myntstudier, vol. It was therefore in the interest of the Swedish Navy to salvage as many of the cannons as possible.