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the long-wheelbase models became the 78 (troop carrier) and 79 (pick-up). 1999: The pick-up version was designated the 79 series, the Troop Carrier became the 78 series, and the short-wheelbase version was phased out in most markets. They can be found in Japan, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and South America. Features edit middle-spec fibreglass-top.4 LX (BJ73V, Japan) GXL 5-door wagon (VDJ76) Troop Carrier (VDJ78R) Single Cab Pickup Double Cab Pickup of the UWA (HZJ79) Troop Carrier (HZJ75RV) Interior Square-bodied Land Cruiser utility 4x4. The HZJ79 cab and chassis is still available in Canada, although in very limited quantities. The 70 series Land Cruiser is used throughout Venezuela for the transportation community, the police, and the National Guard of Venezuela. 10 The Al-Thalab can in base form accommodate up to four crew members, 1,700 kilograms (3,700 lb) of equipment, and comes equipped with three firing bases, two base stations for radios and various power take-offs. The HDJ78/79 and most recently, the 1VD diesel engine (e.g., the VDJ76).

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Windshields of some military versions will fold atop hood. These were the successors of the 40 Series, such as the FJ40. This model was popular as a personal off-road transport, but because the Land Cruiser was marketed almost exclusively as a commercial and government vehicle and because these were never sold in the largest auto market in the world, the US, few were built, compared. 3, history edit : The 70 / 75 series Toyota Land Cruiser took over from the 40 / 45 series of workhorse four-wheel drives in 1984.

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Basic comfort features such as air-conditioning and radio are available, but the 70 Series lacks many of the refined and luxury features of the more expensive passenger Land Cruisers (80, 90, 100, and 200 Series). The Land Cruiser 79 chassis base was chosen as it is: common in most countries worldwide; not overly reliant on electronic management systems; mechanical components are of a basic design, enabling field repairs with standard automotive parts; a high-chassis weight loading capability; resulting. 2007: The facelifted 70 Series began mobilreparation kungsgatan stockholm production in January for market release in late February / early March 2007. The short-wheelbase models are not quite as common in Australia, but they are very popular in the homeland of Japan, where compactness and rugged 4X4 are a welcome combination; they are also used by the Syrian state. 2014: Toyota introduced the 4-door wagon GRJ76 and double-cabin GRJ79 pickup body in the Japan market as a limited-edition '30th Anniversary' Series.

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